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cultures of Ecuador

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  1. Tolita: All the societies started creating little governments and giving authority to different people. Tolital culture in 600a.c and the archeologist found somo scultures this people leave there, most of the shapes are similar to a human with a herarchy society because of them way of dressing and wear accesories.
    1. Bahía: developed on the coast of Ecuador, reached the north up to the Bahía de Caraquez and the Isla de la Plata. in the artistic field this culture is characterized by abundant production of ceramic figurines, representing men and women in differents acctitudes.
      1. Jama-Coaque: the Jama-Coaque is an ancient indiginus community which between the years of 500 B.C to 1531. for the few ancheological evidenceses we can say that this culture is ruled by religius leaders and divided in herarchy.
        1. Guangala: Discovered in the southern of Manabí and the north of Santa Elena. The scultures they created were decorated with red paind making with some vegtables or colored rocks, this scultures were used to ceremonial purposes. they also manufactured como musical instruments for this ceremonies like whistles,ocarinas, and seals. for women tyeh usea shell to made some earings.
          1. Napo: is located between te Coca and the Napo river as well as in Pastaza there are concentrations of indigenous people of the rainforest, know them as Napo quichuas or Amazon quichuas. Each family group have a shaman which is respected in the community as the mediator between the espiritual and the human life. Until today they still living there having no contact with the society.
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