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    1. 500 B.C - 500 A.C. Was located in Bahia de Tumaco (Colombia) and Isla de La Tolita (Ecuador). They worked with stone and elaborated axez, chisels, hands of grinding, etc. This culture is best known for their development of arts and the elaboration of sculptures representing acts of fertility. Their temples were rectangular with sloping ceilings and were used for the burial of important people. they used to domesticate corn, squash and hunted jaguars, deers and turtles.
    2. NAPO
      1. This culture was also known as Omagua. This culture was characterized for the presence of a variety of colors succh as black, red, white; in its ceramic. They used to hunted and collected turtle and alligator eggs, They domesticated corn and yucca.
      2. JAMA - COAQUE
        1. 600 B.C - 400 A.C. This culture was developed in the Coastal Region bertween el Cabo de San Francisco and Bahia de Caraquez. They worked with gold, ceramic and clay. People used to elaborate human figures representing daily routines, rituals and celebrations. They were characterized for their exotic ears, brazalets and crafts.
        2. BAHIA
          1. 500 B.C - 500 A.C This culture was located in the Coast of Ecuador between Bahia de Caraquez and Isla de La Plata. Bahia was and stratificate society dominated by shamanes and merchants; was characterized for the production of ceramiz figures which represented men and women doing their daily activities.
          2. GUANGALA
            1. 500 B.C. This culture was located in the provinces of Manabi and Guayas. Is one of the first cultures who works with metal and copper. They udes wood for the construction of canoes and the production of necklaces, amulets and tools. They created containers of ceramic with circular body, they have a geometric decoration and sometimes were based on human faces.
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