Elements of the Novel

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This is my mind map for my book project.

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Elements of the Novel
  1. Main Characters
    1. Name: Rusty
      1. Characteristic: Sweet and Brave
      2. Name: Andrew
        1. Characteristic: Smart and Kind
          1. Name: RA (Dog)
            1. Characteristic: Sweet and Territorial
      3. Main Conflict
        1. Conflict/Problem: This animal abuser is trying to get his "guard dog" back in obnoxious ways.
          1. Cause: Rusty rescued the "guard dog" RA to save him from the animal abuser, Mr. Myers, but when he didn't ask permission, Mr. Myers said Rusty stole his property.
        2. Theme
          1. Message/Theme: When you work at something long and hard that is important it will eventually make a difference, or you will accomplish it.
            1. How brought out in book: When Rusty saves RA things weren't starting out very pretty, Mr. Myers is destroying property, he got RA back and abused him, he had a meth lab, and Mr. Myers sued Rusty's family for "stealing" his property. At he end of the book the police arrest Mr. Myers after Rusty helps get the police.
          2. Setting
            1. Time: October
              1. Place/Location: Rural Town, School, Andrew's house, Rusty's house, Mr. Myer's house.
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