“In knowledge there is always a trade-off between accuracy and simplicity.” Evaluate this statement

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By: Esteban Ornass

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“In knowledge there is always a trade-off between accuracy and simplicity.” Evaluate this statement
  1. Thesis
    1. To really know about a subject, you must acquire knowledge in depth
      1. Simplicity in terms of knowledge means knowing little. Ergo, simplicity equals mediocrity
        1. There Is however, a relationship between simplicity and accuracy. When transmitting information, you must be as simple as you can to transmit the most ammount of info possible
        2. Possible Counter Arguments
          1. Sometimes knowing the essence of a subject, you are equally understanding the whole subject. And therefore, in this case, being accurate means to be concise
            1. There is a great correlation between Accuracy and simplicity. Being accurate means to be precise. To be specific. To do that, you need to keep your ideas quite simple...
            2. History
              1. To be accurate about History, you must learn in depth the details. And in this case there is no correlation between accuracy and simplicity
                1. Example: to know about the second world war, I must know first about Hitler´s story, the German Historic context (Versailles treaty for example) and the possible reasons for a war to storm Europe as it did
                  1. Ways of knowing:Language, Memory
                  2. Natural siences
                    1. You must know full procedures and reasoning to understand certain laws. Or even to understand man- made conclusions. No simplicity is allowed
                      1. Ways of knowing: Reason, Memory, Language, Intuition
                        1. Example: You must know and understand in depth the scientific method to be able to use it
                        2. To what extent there is a correlation between accuracy and simplicity linked to knowledge?
                          1. Can simplicity and accuracy be combined when acquiring knowledge?
                            1. I what extent is acquiring knowledge something that has to be done with simplicity or accuracy?
                            2. Reasons that I´m Interested in the Title
                              1. I consider it relevant to two Areas of Knowledge that I am particularly interested about
                                1. It is quite easy to discuss wether if accuracy is linked to simplicity or not
                                  1. Accuracy and Simplicity can be confused very easily. And I would like to attempt to differenciate them
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