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The Superior Agriculture Societies


Daniel Zumarraga
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The Superior Agriculture Societies
  1. Tolita
    1. This culture settled in the island of the same name, "La tolita", in the province of Esmeraldas.
      1. This culture left lots of artificial mounds or tolas, as well as archaeological remains of pottery and gold work.
        1. The economy of La Tolita was based on Agriculture.
          1. The predominant products were maize and cassava. Also they practiced hunting and the extraction of resources of the sea.
            1. La Tolita was a society divided according to the rank and position of persons.
      2. Bahía
        1. Bahía culture originated in what is now the Manabí Province on the Pacific Coast, and spread to Bahía de Caráquez and to the Andean foothills.
          1. The culture Bahía was characterized for the abundant production of ceramics figures.They represented men and women in diferent attitudes. They were made in different sizes, from small, pieces of art, to biggest which were approximately 80cm. They also made collars made out of spondylus shells.
            1. Its economy was based on agriculture, fishing and long-distance trade by sea and land.
        2. Jama-Coaque
          1. They settled in what is now the town called "Jama" in the province of Manabi.
            1. They made trade expeditons to Mexico and Chile using canoes made out of balsa wood.
              1. They were skilled in creating various textiles, made use of a number of tools in their daily lives and were famous for their creative ornamentation. Also theywere experienced in creating ceramic pottery items.
                1. It was ruled by religious leaders and divided into, something like, councils.
                  1. The entire culture was lost when the Spanish invaded Ecuador on a mission to conquer the Inca Empire.
          2. Guangala
            1. Guangala culture flourished in the Ecuadorian provinces of Manabi and Guayas.
              1. The Guangala are the first to work with metals, especially copper.
                1. In this culture bowls, of very fine paste, colored with delicacy, and polípodos dishes with anthropomorphic representations on their legs stand out.
                  1. The hallmarks of this culture are numerous and predominantly flat or plano-convex and contain a wide range of shapes, that inevitably suggest the signs of a pictographic language.
            2. Napo
              1. They were located along the Napo River
                1. Their society, as other cultures, had hierarchy. They had a guide or leader who could be a healer or the most experienced of the group.
                  1. They made bowls, pitchers, vases, but the most outstanding pieces are funerary urns. Everything made out of ceramics
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