Agriculture societies

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Agriculture societies
  1. Tolita
    1. -They worked in stone with which one developed axes, chisels. spearhead and grinders. They also worked on Platinum, precious stone and gold. Rescued items include funerary mask in the form of Sun that nowadays symbolizes the Central Bank of Ecuador, which is currently in the Museum of the Central bank in Quito along with much of the remains recovered form this culture. - La Tolita was a society divided according to the rank and position of persons. It included a social stratum of farmers and other top individuals free of subsistence activities.
    2. Bahia
      1. The social culture consisted in a variety of plastic ceramic which are carefully decorated. The ceramic figure is generally small with tiny legs and large heads. It is made for representation and by looking at the attitude of the ceramic item you can tell if it was used to represent a priest or a culture participant.
      2. Jama-Coaque
        1. Not much is known about the social organization of Jama-Coaque but thanks to the bit of information we have obtained we have reached to the conclusion that the society was ruled by religious leaders and divided into headquarters. Based on the artifacts that were found it is believed that their settlements were grouped in different urban centers centers with both public spaces for activities.
        2. Guangala
          1. This culture is known for its number of cultural groups that are referred as senorios. In every organization there was a man who had the highest rank, he kept everybody under his command in their territory. There were also different types of other ranks
          2. Napo
            1. They are tribal groups that have gardeners , fisherman and hunters that have adapted the Amazon rainforest enviroment . Their most important product is the biter cassava it requires a long process of preparation. Fishing is their second priority which is obtained by different methods.
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