Global warming and climate change

Skadi Lofn
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Mind map based on clil approach

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Global warming and climate change
1 Culture
1.1 What will happen if global warming continues?
1.2 Impact of climate change in different countries
2 Content
2.1 Influence of human activities
2.2 Concepts of
2.2.1 Climate Climate change
2.2.2 Global warming
2.2.3 Green house effect
2.3 Causes-effects
2.4 Solutions of climate change
2.5 Contrast pictures
3 Cognition
3.1 Creating/designing a poster of the consequences of global warming if it does not change (use of first conditional)
3.2 Understanding causes and effects
3.3 Identifying the concepts of global warming/climate change
3.4 Proposing posible solutions for global warming and climate change
4 Communication
4.1 Language of learning
4.1.1 Vocabulary
4.1.2 Modal verbs Should Can-could
4.1.3 First conditional
4.2 Language for learning
4.2.1 Language skills such as Future first conditional Prewriting skills Brainstorming Revising
4.3 Language through learning
4.3.1 Strategies for building vocabulary
4.3.2 Express cause-effect
4.3.3 Predicting
4.3.4 Compare and contrast
4.3.5 Dictionary skills
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