Object oriented programming

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es una pequeña descripción de la programación orientada a objetos (lenguaje C )

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Object oriented programming
  1. there are many programs that support object- oriented programming
    1. C++,EIFFEL,JAVA,ect.
    2. it is important to remember that for an object-oriented software decrare must contain at least the following characteristics
      1. el programa tiene identificado claramente las clases y sus jerarquias
        1. polymorphisms using
          1. clearly defines each class of its method
            1. encapsulation information
              1. modulation
                1. ecepciones and concurrences
                  1. association between objects
                  2. you can use the object-oriented programming using C language
                    1. C language is not strictly oriented language abjetos
                      1. But you can follow to be able to use certain Reclass
                        1. to implement a design that corresponds to the POO
                          1. They have to comply with these rules
                            1. translating the data structures classes
                              1. pass arguments to methods
                                1. reserve space for objects
                                  1. implement the data structure inheritance
                                    1. implement method resolution
                                      1. implement partnerships
                                        1. encapsulate internal details of classes
                                    2. Definition of classes
                                      1. the concept of class does not exist as such in the C language
                                        1. to have classes in C language mechanism (struct ) is used to define and encasular Tada information
                                        2. heritage
                                          1. the ence is implemented in C referenced to the upper structure derived structures
                                            1. it is recommended that define both access methods writable each of the data members of each class
                                              1. this hierarchies ago because when they go back complex , access is also given in the same way
                                            2. associations
                                              1. The implementation of partnerships between classes or objects thereof, are performed , except JAVA , in the same way as in most OOP languages ​​oriented : using pointers.
                                                1. the associations can be implemented by other more complex structures such as tables , trees, sparse matrices type ( sparce ) , etc.
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