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Clil unit description

Resource summary

  1. Cognition
    1. Identifying features of each type of government
      1. Comparing the types of government
        1. Evaluating types of goverment
          1. Proposing a new type of government
          2. Communication
            1. Language for learning
              1. Language for comparing and contrasting
                1. Language for describing and evaluating.
                  1. Language for hypothesizing
                  2. Language through learning
                    1. Discussion skills
                      1. Presentation skills
                        1. Agreeing and disagreeing skills
                          1. Dictionary skills
                          2. Language of learning
                            1. Vocabulary
                              1. Politics
                                1. Forms of participation
                                2. Grammar
                                  1. Relative clauses
                                    1. Modal verbs
                                3. Culture
                                  1. Different countries' government
                                    1. Implications of each government in people's lives
                                      1. Colombia's government
                                        1. Respecting partners' opinions
                                        2. Content
                                          1. Types of government
                                            1. Advantages and disadvantages
                                              1. Democracy
                                                1. Our government
                                                  1. Leaders of each type of government
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