Fantasy Novels: Linking to cultures and creative ideas.

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Fantasy Novels: Linking to cultures and creative ideas.
  1. How to create a fantasy novel being original while using beliefs, cultures e.g. Shadow hunter series.
    1. Question idea: From series of cultures and beliefs past down from generations creates a significant impact to the modern fantasy novels in the 21st century specifically looking into the author Cassandra Jean and Rick Riordan
      1. Music created from these novels along with poems. Create one from a novel, to show a interpretation how fantasy novels influence creativity.
        1. Drawings (Fan Art) from artist in novels e.g.. Cassandra Jean. Do a fan art from a fantasy novel.
          1. The creative influences fantasy novels give to our society.
          2. Critical and Creative Thinking capability: I would be able to develop ideas and concept from well-known authors to than show my understanding through artistic concepts.
          3. How to create a novel based on a mythology idea.
            1. Literacy capability: I will be able to develop a formula on how to write a short story and expand my word bank for Mythology words.
            2. To create a short story with a message to the audience of youth, morals, beliefs, cultures etc.
              1. Since Riordan uses demigods make one of your own and create a quest for that character.
                1. Use Greek Mythology as a short story manipulate it in a modern setting. Demonstrating the understanding how Riordan uses this concept as well.
                2. Question ideas: 1. How significant are Historical aspects from influencing modern fantasy novels in the 21st century?
                  1. 2. To what extent Greek Mythology and religion ideas shapes a fantasy novel?
                    1. Personal and social capability: By using one of the questions below I will develop my own opinion along with others.
                    2. Filming aspects from transforming a novel into a film.
                      1. How actors in it have to take on a fictional character. The technique used.
                        1. How do they use visual effects to create the film from a fantasy genre.
                          1. Information and Communication technology capability: I will be able to develop filming concepts and processes from developing a fantasy novel into a film.
                          2. Film from books discuss the critiques, for example how come films takes out important information from the novel.
                            1. The theory that reader audiences are never satisfied with the film. Prove this theory from researching reviews etc.
                          3. Authors to look at:
                            1. Rick Riordan: Bestselling author
                              1. Cassandra Clare: Bestselling author.
                                1. Why? Because these two authors has used cultures and beliefs. Placing it into a modern society manipulating it creating their own quests. I want to take these ideas and create a understand through either a short story or discussion essay.
                                2. Mythology relating to fantasy genre of books
                                  1. Research history of Mythology and Religion.
                                    1. Greek Mythology + Christian Religion.
                                      1. How has it changed to modern concepts. A study about how serious Religions are now entertainment for fantasy novels in the 21st century.
                                        1. Greeks, Romans, and Westerners. All three has changed their serious religion and ways. Shown in novels like Percy Jackson and The Lighting Thief and The mortal instruments.
                                      2. Intercultural understanding capability: I will develop a understanding about religion and cultures of other countries. Along with creating a understanding about modern times and the change of behaviour to Religions.
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