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The 39 clues The Sword Thief


Stroy elements
Blake Davis
Mind Map by Blake Davis, updated more than 1 year ago
Blake Davis
Created by Blake Davis over 6 years ago

Resource summary

The 39 clues The Sword Thief
  1. Theme
    1. The book is about finding 39 clues to find a accient piece.
      1. Characters
        1. Dan
          1. Mystery finder/clue finder
          2. Amy
            1. Myster Finder
            2. Karbas
              1. Bad Guys
                1. Irina
                  1. Babysitter
          3. Main conflict
            1. Dan and Amy get kidnaped by theses people called the Karbas.
              1. Cause
                1. Dan and Amy get the acient piece and then the karbas hunt them down and try to kill them.
            2. Setting
              1. Present
                1. Time
                2. Place
                  1. Toyko
                3. Author
                  1. Dan Karba
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