Family, Culture, Community

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Mothers and Fathers Divorcing Parents Single Parents Extended Family Parents and Step Parents Adoptive Parents Foster Parents

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Family, Culture, Community
  1. Family Structure
    1. Foster Parents
      1. Parents & Stepparents
        1. Extended family
          1. Single Parents
            1. Divorcing Parents
              1. Mother & Fathers
                1. Adoptive Parents
                2. Family Process
                  1. Parenting Styles
                    1. Daily Activities
                      1. Children's Effects on Parents
                        1. Siblings' Responses to One Another
                        2. Children in a Diverse Society
                          1. Ethnicity
                            1. Immigration
                              1. Environmental Challenges and Coping Strategies
                                1. Creating Supportive Environments for all Children
                                  1. Type of Community
                                    1. Family Income
                                      1. Children live in Economic Poverty
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