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'Is Graffiti Art?' Ideas


is graffiti art ideas
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'Is Graffiti Art?' Ideas
  1. Talk about the Banksy's impact on graffiti art
    1. Dismaland
      1. Does he make graffiti art?
        1. Impact on politics
        2. Talk about Artists that see graffiti as inspiration or ruining art
          1. Archive footage
          2. Interviewing the elderly
            1. Negative view
            2. Interviewing Policemen
              1. Do you get many cases of vandalism reportings
                1. What draws the line between vandalism and art?
                2. Do you see it as a big crime?
                  1. If you saw Banksy Spraying his stencils, would you arrest him?
                  2. Interviewing the head of the community
                    1. Does it raise the culture of the town or destroy it?
                    2. Going to Shoreditch and shooting different types of graffiti
                      1. Interview the public surrounding the graffiti
                        1. More positive view
                      2. Interviewing graffiti artists
                        1. Shadowing their faces and deepening their voice
                          1. Positive view
                        2. Legal Links
                          1. Are there areas that are illegal to graffiti?
                            1. Interview policemen
                              1. Can it be an occupation?
                              2. Examples of good and bad graffiti
                                1. Always link to title - give both sides. Banksy vs Delinquent teenagers
                                  1. Archive footage
                                    1. Banksy/Dismaland
                                      1. Artists arrests
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