Why Did Men Join Up In 1914?

Harvey Coster
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Harvey Coster
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Mind map about why men joined the army in 1914

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Why Did Men Join Up In 1914?
1 Adventure
1.1 Visit the world
1.2 See places for free
2 Escape Poverty
2.1 Chance of a new life
2.2 Good pay
2.3 Good living conditions
3 Peer Pressure
3.1 Join up with Pals
3.2 Friends joining without you
3.3 Friends help get you in
4 Patriotism
4.1 Die for your country
4.2 Fight for your king
4.3 Plays on heart strings
5 Propaganda
5.1 Poster encouraging to join
5.2 Books about evil Germans
5.3 Over by Christmas
6 Civil War
6.1 Who can kill the most Germans
6.2 Who can submit most people
6.3 What village has best fighters
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