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inderect questions


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Juan Segura
Mind Map by Juan Segura, updated more than 1 year ago
Juan Segura
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inderect questions
  1. rules
    1. forms of the verb have and be
      1. after the subject
      2. the use of can
        1. would it be possible
          1. is there any chance
          2. yes and no questions
            1. use of if
            2. no auxiliary verbs
              1. do or does
            3. examples
              1. could you tell me where market street is?
                1. do you know what time the bank opens?
                  1. i was wondering why you moved to europe?
                    1. do you know if tom likes italian food?
                    2. phrases
                      1. do you know
                        1. i was wondering
                          1. do you have any idea
                            1. i do like to know
                              1. would it be possible
                                1. could you tell me
                                  1. is there any chance
                                  2. used for
                                    1. more formal and polite
                                      1. to a person you don't know well
                                        1. professional situations
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