geography... food stuff??

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geography... food stuff??
  1. gm foods
    1. advantages
      1. can improve yield of crop / yield faster
        1. ok sm things link back to yield. whats so gr8 about a lot of yield???
          1. hIGHER income. moRE Output, more $$ . more $$, more technology/$$ 2 buy things 2run the farm!!
            1. expand the farm ya, buy new stuff !! higher capital can be invested in2 farm, higher input= higher output. cyCLE! !
        2. pest resistant !! (also links to improving yield)
          1. basically,, weather won't affect it:: drought/cold resistant !! (links to improving yield)
            1. can improve shelf life
              1. u better understand how gr8 this is. we can stocKPILE Food noW. drought? famine?? no WoRRIES we got a bunch of food from 4ever ago.
              2. improved taste
                1. improved levels of nutrition
                  1. which, by the way is reALLY GOOD, so lISTEN uP
                    1. golDEN RICE!! it contains vitamin a. fantastic.
                      1. we hAve so mANY people suffering from malnutrition. oh my god. this can hELP FIX THINGS
                    2. disadvantages
                      1. mAJOr health risks!! what if someones allergic 2 like,, gm foods????
                        1. if that doesn't seEM likea problem, tHINk
                          1. things like coRN syrup = used in foods !! :00 so what if someones allergic 2 gm corn,, and then it isn't specified if it;s gm corn or not??
                            1. so like. the corn syrup could affecT This person.
                              1. seriously?? we need better food labelling
                          2. actually.. a rly big dominance of certain companies (agribusiness)aka, monsanto
                            1. uh. so whys this a prOBLEM??
                              1. gdi so alL gm foods basically come from these companIES. the seedlings, fertilisers, eVERYTHing.
                                1. and they're super expensivE, what rhe hELl
                                  1. the cost basically goes uPP all the time, sucks 4 the farmers, yay 4 the companies!
                                    1. so when the farmers want a higher yielD= overRELiance on this company,,
                                      1. so if the prices go up.. .dun dun dun we got ourselves an afFORDABILITY issue here, folks
                                2. bIODIVersity i;m cryING the earth must be protected
                                  1. the gene can get cross pollinated. MONARCH BUTTERLFIES ARE dYING
                                    1. ok so these poor butterlfies feed on milk wheat, which is sprinkled w. the genes of a gm corn
                                      1. the corn has a gene which KILLS THEESE BEAUTFIul butterlfies. dIE, the population = diE !!!
                                        1. can elaborate on how it affects food chain as a whole !!
                                          1. so, rly affects the biodiversity. im crying
                                  2. superweeds. sounds scary? ur right
                                    1. we make stronger herbicide. weeds become stronger, cycle continues
                                      1. you thought it cldnt get worse?? think aGAIn
                                        1. so it's gm food. u cant use regular herbicide! :00 what do u do?? back 2 companies 4 help
                                          1. they ask agribusiness for help.. c where this is going???? agribusiness = comes up w/ stronger herbicide
                                            1. oh my goD... the agribusiness beneFITS. but guess what?? the pests/weeds bcome resistant again. we're doomed, the cycle repeaTS itself. can u believe
                                              1. poor farmers, good 4 agribusiness people. bad oVERALl
                                  3. two-sided answers, give both positive/negative points
                                    1. know the difference between this and high yielding varieties
                                      1. ok. hyvs = wiTHIN the same species. gm foods are transgenic!! gr8
                                    2. ipo systems
                                      1. greater input = greater output. this is gr8
                                        1. i liED it's coMMON SENSE USE YOUR DAMn brain
                                        2. i got nothing.. use common sense, folks
                                          1. read:: fail this section together !! nice
                                          2. no lie i got nothing,, but basically have a general statement =
                                            1. yes, = if xx is changed, xy changes 2 !!!! common sense
                                              1. i mean,, if input changes, output changes too !! wow, i love this logic. its so.. hard 2 understand?? wha
                                            2. list inputs & purposes. like, the purpose of the input?? what does this lead 2 ?? why do we need this input. ya
                                              1. aight and then u better describe the processes. whAT do these inputs go through??
                                                1. kACHING!!!!! inputs done processes doNE. what's the output?? (s)
                                              2. gdi this sucks i know i'm missing smth. but what
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