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Aggregate Planning Today


Mapa Mental Aggregate Planning Today Estefanía Sandoval Alfonso Maldonado David Barmentloo
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Aggregate Planning Today
  1. Characteristics
    1. Period Time: 3-18 months (12avg)
      1. Update on periodic basis
      2. LINK
        1. Facilities Planning: Physical Capacity
          1. Cannot be exceeded by aggregate planning
          2. Resource Acquisition
            1. Scheduling: Allocation of resources to specific jobs
              1. Constrained by aggregate planning
        2. Goal
          1. Efective Resource Use to satisfy expected demand
          2. Decision Options
            1. Modify Demand
              1. Pricing Advertising & Promotion Backlog / Reservation Dev. of Compl. Products
              2. Modify Supply
                1. Hiring & Layoff Overtime & Undertime Part-time & Temporary Carrying Inventory Subcontracting
                  1. Costs
                    1. Strategies
                      1. Focal Point
                        1. Maintain: a 1)Level Workforce 2)Steady Output Rate Match 3)Demand Period by Period
                        2. Mixed
                          1. Combination of Decision Variables
                  2. Strategic and Reflect Firm´s Objectives
                  3. Models
                    1. Optimization Methods
                      1. Linear Decision Transport Method Linear Programmig
                        1. Explicit Costs, Mathematical Optimality
                      2. Cost-based Heuristics
                        1. Param. Prod. Planning Search Decis. Rule Prod.-Switching Heuristic
                        2. Production Decision Framework
                          1. Implicit Costs and Consistent Decisions
                        3. Techniques
                          1. Informal
                            1. Graphs & Tables Not an Optimum
                            2. Mathematical
                              1. Lin. Programming and Extension
                                1. Determinism assumption
                                  1. Uncertainty in forecasts
                                2. Linear Decision Rule
                                  1. Heuristic and Simulation Techniques
                                    1. Experience
                                    2. Management coefficients approach
                                      1. Past Approaches
                                      2. Simluation Search Procedures
                                        1. Trial and Error
                                      3. New Developments
                                        1. Prod. Decision Framework
                                          1. Ratio Cost of Changing production level Vs Carrying Inventory
                                            1. Indicators: Period Ratio & Planning Horizon Ratio
                                            2. Discrete Production-Switching Rule
                                              1. Discrete Production Evironments
                                                1. Overtime Options
                                                2. Improved hierarchical prod. planning
                                                  1. Reduces Complexity of Solution
                                                    1. 1) Forecasting 2) Aggregate Prod Plann 3) Disagg. Prod. Plann 4) Sequencing
                                                      1. Reducing Direct Costs
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