Spirit Animals: Wild Born

Sebastian Einfel
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Spirit Animals: Wild Born
  1. Characters
    1. CONOR
      1. BRIGGAN
        1. The wolf
          1. THE FOUR FALLEN
      2. ROLLAN
        1. ESSIX
          1. The falcon
        2. MEILIN
          1. JHI
            1. The panda
          2. ABEKE
            1. URAZA
              1. The lepard
          3. MAIN CONFLICT
            1. The problem in this book is that there is this guy named the devourer and he is trying to take over all of edras. And he is trying to build an army to become even more powerful, and there in total was 12 great beasts and they all had talismans which were like totems and It made the beasts even more powerful than they already were. So the devourer and the four kids and the green cloaks have to race to try to get the talismans first. And on the way they also have to find BRIGGANs,ESSIXes,JHIs,and URAZAs talismans to so that they can be some of the most powerful beasts in the land and help win the fight.
            2. SETTING
              1. Around all of Erdas
                1. Erdas is the land in the story
                2. THE THEME
                  1. Well I would say that the theme of my story is that you have to work as a team to get things done
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