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Invento de la clase de ingles

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  1. materials
    1. Prototype
      1. Tape
        1. Connectors
          1. Cables
            1. Cardboard
              1. Plastic Trasparent
              2. Original
                1. Circuits
                  1. Steel
                    1. Aluminum
                      1. Flexible Glass
                        1. Cables
                          1. Battery
                        2. How will it work?
                          1. It will work with a connector glued in the head
                            1. it will work converting the Brain commands in commands for the cellphone
                              1. giving Voce commands
                                1. checked for vision Sensors
                                2. Caracteristics
                                  1. Small
                                    1. Strongly
                                      1. transparent
                                        1. Flexibe
                                          1. Intelligent
                                            1. Light
                                              1. Extreme Resistence to
                                                1. Water
                                                  1. Fire
                                                    1. Hits
                                                  2. What will it do?
                                                    1. It will be a normal cellphone
                                                      1. With more functions
                                                        1. checked for the
                                                          1. Vision
                                                            1. Mind
                                                            2. Won"t be touch
                                                            3. What is you need?
                                                              1. for not use the fingers
                                                                1. use the mind and vision
                                                                  1. it is more practical to
                                                                    1. ride
                                                                      1. cook
                                                                        1. hands full
                                                                          1. answer a call to distance
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