Unit 2

Henrique Savoy
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Henrique Savoy
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mapa mental unidade 2

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Unit 2
  1. Brainstorm spotlight
    1. Whta's brazuca?
      1. Fifa world cup website
        1. date of final's championship
          1. Reading spotlight
            1. Reading comprehension spotlight
              1. cognatos
                1. national
                  1. Secretary
            2. Information in
        2. Phrasal verbs
          1. Come up with
            1. took inspiration from elements of brazilian culture to come up with a shortlist of three possibles names for the ball
              1. names for the ball: Bossa nova Brazuca Carnavalesca
          2. Brands spotlight
            1. Idioms spotlight
              1. Listening spotlight
                1. Grammar spotlight
                  1. Present continuos
                    1. Affirmative
                      1. She is sleeping now
                      2. Negative
                        1. She isn't sleeping now
                        2. yes/no question
                          1. Is she sleeping now ?
                          2. W question
                            1. Where is she studying english ?
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