The Berlin Wall 1961

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The Berlin Wall 1961
1 Krushchev
1.1 Leader of the USSR
2 John F Kennedy
2.1 President of the USA
3 Walter Ulbricht
3.1 Leader of East Germany
4 East Germany
4.1 The Soviet zone
4.1.1 Communist Very grey Thought the Wall was a protective Shell
5 West Germany
5.1 Reaction to the Berlin Wall
5.1.1 On 27th October tanks pulled up to Checkpoint Charlie and refused to let anyone into the East US tank faced them all day After 18 hours they started to pull back
5.1.2 War was avoided Khrushchev told Ulbricht to avoid any actions that would increase tension Kennedy agreed that a wall was better than war
5.2 British, French and US zone
5.2.1 Captlist Thought the Wall was a Prison Wall
5.3 The 'better' side
5.3.1 Not enough space though for everyone as it was full of shops
6 The Berlin Wall
6.1 Why was it built?
6.1.1 To stop people moving to the West Ulbricht was a hard-line communist
6.1.2 Skilled workers wanted to move to the West
6.1.3 Stop War/conflict
6.2 How did it affect people?
6.2.1 It scared and intimidated people
6.2.2 Split families and friends up
6.2.3 People tried to escape as they felt imprisoned and watched
6.3 Started with barbed wire on Sunday 13th August then a concrete wall was produced
6.3.1 Checkpoint Charlie was the only way through Soldiers were told to kill anyone trying to get across
7 The Berlin Blockade
7.1 Berlin was split into 4 zones: French, US, British and Soviet
7.1.1 The French, US and British became the Western zone and this annoyed the Soviets Stalin felt he could stomp his authority on Berlin and blocked all links (roads, railways) to West Berlin The USA then airlifted supplies to West Berlin Soviets could not shoot down plane as this would be an act of war so they lifted the blocksade. The West could not remove the Blocks because this would be seen as a sign of war

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