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"The knower´s perspective is essential in the pursuit of knowledge (David Arévalo 11A)


Mind map, is an outline of the ToK essay which is going to be written during October and December.
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"The knower´s perspective is essential in the pursuit of knowledge (David Arévalo 11A)
  1. The perspective (or Point of View) affects the process of generating knowledge, at the point, that if the "Knower" does´t have a perspective, is impossible to acquire knowledge.
    1. The perspective is something personal. It is created by the individual and solely by the individual.
      1. Past experiences can shape how we think, and our perception of what surround us.
        1. Person with economic needs, may have a different perception of acquiring knowledge, than a one who does´t have that need. Because it means a chance of becoming richer, while the other person does´t have that hurry to acquire knowledge.
        2. Posible Counter-arguments
          1. Perspective is a "double-edge" sword, perception can generate biased knowledge. When there is a biased knowledge, a part from the "pure knowledge" is omitted. This is in the case of individual knowledge.
            1. Parents, and relatives form our perception of things, since we are children. These perception remains throughout the lifetime of the knower. No teacher, classmate, boss, etc. Can change this perception.
            2. Area of Knowledge selected (#2): History
              1. Historians (like Geographers) have to use the WoKs to create "bridges" between sources (primary and secondary) to generate knowledge History isn´t a certain science, it is open to interpretation, which means that in History the knower "decides" what is the truth starting from the evidences or sources he is given.
                1. Paper 1 in History IB exams, is a source paper. This exam gives the student a set of sources, which he has to use to write analytical essays. In my case, I have to use the Woks mentioned before, in order to reach to good conclusions. The WoKs are used (in my case) to build bridges between each source, the result is conclusion which has sense.
                  1. WoKs used:Language, sense perception, reason, Intuition and memory
                  2. Area of Knowledge Selected (#1): Geography
                    1. Geography uses both: Primary and Secondary data. Which means, that the knower has to "join" these sets of data to form knowledge. There isn´t a incorrect answer. It is all correct when it has a sensible justification
                      1. During our trip to Villa de Leyva, we had to recollect quantitative and qualitative data. From these we had to make graphs to then analyse and conclude on the effect of tourism on the locals.
                        1. WoKs used: Language, sense perception,reason and Intuition
                        2. Reasons for choosing the title:
                          1. As a HL History and Geography student, the interpretation of sources is key to generate knowledge. I would like to analyze in more in depth on the "perspective", and how does it affect our way of knowing.
                            1. I would like to analyze, how can teachers can affect the perspective of their students, and hence their pursuit of knowledge. I would like to know how does the schools search for new teachers, should they have a specific trait? Because knowledge can also be created through feelings.
                              1. I would also like to analyze in depth, why can the Areas of Knowledge varie in such an abruptly way. Why when a student changes of teacher, the way the subject is reached, changes. It is completely different a History lesson with a teacher with left-wing ideologies, than with a right-wing. Is it a reality? or just a perception?
                              2. How can the "context" of the knower affect the way in which he/ she generates knowledge?
                                1. How does a teacher affect our perspective of knowledge?
                                  1. What makes a teacher a good teacher?
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