The Death of the Author

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“The Death of the Author” by Roland Barthes is a landmark for 20-th century literature, literary theory, post-structuralism, and postmodernism. The essay opposes the established trends “in ordinary culture tyrannically centered on the author, his person, his life,” and abolish the classical literary criticism that analyses a literary work within the biographical and personal context of the author of the work.

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The Death of the Author
  1. Roland Barthes
    1. Post-estructuralism
        1. Who is the author
          1. ?
            1. the LANGUAGE itself
              1. Examples of transition from author to language
                1. Mallarmé
                  1. Valéry
                    1. Proust
                      1. 'surrealism'
                        1. automatic writing
                          1. collective writing
                  2. CLASSIC WRITER
                    1. Author preexisting the text
                      1. writing as a representation
                        1. Writer = Author
                          1. focused on the FORM
                            1. Expression
                            2. Classic WRITING: the 'narrative'
                              1. Neutral space
                                1. Destruction
                                  1. Identity loss
                                    1. No origin
                                      1. FOCUSED ON ONE PLACE: THE ORIGIN
                                        1. THE WRITER
                                        2. Classic criticism
                                        3. WHAT IS AN 'AUTHOR'?
                                          1. product of modern society
                                            1. positivism+capitalism
                                              1. genius
                                                1. artwork=author
                                            2. THE post-MODERN WRITER
                                              1. Author & work_same 'TIME'
                                                1. writing as a performative form
                                                  1. death of the Author
                                                    1. INSCRIPTION
                                                      1. the only origin is the questioning of all origins
                                                      2. the writer as a non original 'maker'
                                                        1. but an 'imitation game player'
                                                      3. POST-MODERN WRITING
                                                        1. multiple dimensions space
                                                          1. text is no more able to be deciphered
                                                            1. NOT "SUITABLE" FOR THE CLASSIC CRITICISM
                                                              1. the end of the criticism
                                                              2. TOTAL EXISTENCE OF WRITING: MULTIPLICITY of meanings, dialogues etc
                                                                1. FOCUSED ON ONE PLACE: THE DESTINATION
                                                                  1. THE READER
                                                                  2. constant production of senses
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