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Mind Map on JAMES COOK, created by Irene M on 10/07/2015.
Irene M
Mind Map by Irene M, updated more than 1 year ago
Irene M
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    1. 1st
      1. England-Rio de Janeiro-Kap Hoorn-Tahití-New Zealand-Australia-Java and Sumatra Islands-England (1768-1771)
      2. 2nd
        1. England-Cape Verde-Pacific Ocean-Antartic-New Caledonia-Tasmania-Tahití-New Zealand-Friendly Islands-England (1772-1774)
        2. 3rd
          1. England-Atlantic-Pacific Strait-New Zealand-Tahití-Hawaii-Bering Strait-Hawaii (Kealakekua's bay)-Bering Strait-London (1776-1780)* he died in 1979 but they continue exploring till 1780.
          2. HMS: 1)Endeavour. 2)Resolution, Adventure. 3)Resolution, Discovery.
          3. BIOGRAPHY
            1. Born in 1728 in UK (North Yorkshire)
              1. Died in 1979 in USA (Hawaii)
                1. He was an explorer and a mariner, the most important English explorer.
                  1. Link of a short video about Captain Cook:
                  2. He got married with Elizabeth Batts
                    1. Nathaniel
                      1. Elizabeth
                        1. Joseph
                          1. George
                            1. Hugh
                              1. James
                            2. CONSEQUENCES/DISCOVERINGS
                              1. 1) New Zeland Strait, he believed it was a continent in southern equator.
                                1. 2) Polinesia south islands, Hervey islands, Vanuatu Islands, Las Marquesas, New Caledonia, Sandwich Islands, South Georgia, Antartic is a mass of ice.
                                  1. 3) Hawaii islands (Sandwich islands), Cost of Alaska, hidrography of USA, Strait of Bering.
                                    1. Geographical accidents
                                      1. Islands, seas, bays, barrier reef, canals, archipelagos, coasts, coves, waterways, berings, rivers, oceans, lakes, beaches, icebergs...
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