Internal factors Apple Inc.

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Internal factors Apple Inc.
1 Financial resources
1.1 Examples of financial resources of a business are: funding, sources of income and investment opportunities.
1.1.1 Apple’s sources of income come from selling their products, how this is divided in between their products can be seen in image 2 in the appendix. Apple also invests in other businesses. ‘’The lion’s share of Apple’s cash surplus is invested in corporate securities and U.S. treasury securities. Nearly 90% ($181 billion) of the surplus is held off shore, according to Apple’s CFO, Luca Maestri.’’ (
2 Physical resources
2.1 Examples of physical resources are: the company’s location, equipment and facilities.
2.1.1 To make sure production runs as smoothly as possible, Apple needs to ensure that their physical resources are all in at the right location and in a good condition.
3 Human resources
3.1 The employees, managers and owners of a company play a very big role in the business’s efficiency and effectiveness.
3.1.1 Employees will be more productive if they are taught good working practices from the time they start at a new company.’’ (Hall. D. et al, 2004, p18.) Apple needs to make sure that they have a good functioning team of employees, who produce and deliver good quality but are also challenged and satisfied.
4 Shareholders
4.1 ’Shareholders are key internal stakeholders. As investors, they take a financial stake in the company by purchasing shares.’’ (
4.1.1 Some of Apple’s main shareholders are: VanGuard Group Inc, State Street Corp and FMR LLC. When Apple does well there will come more potential shareholders, which means that more people or businesses are willing to invest in them.
5 Suppliers
5.1 ‘’Suppliers are businesses that provide resources which allow other businesses to produce goods and services.’’ (Hall. D. et al, 2004, p22.) The company needs a good connection with its suppliers to make the whole process go smoothly.
5.1.1 To meet deadlines and to make sure customer satisfaction is accomplished, Apple needs to ensure that the connection between them and their suppliers is good. ‘’From the start of our supplier responsibility efforts in 2006, Apple has regularly worked onsite with suppliers to address shortfall, and take immediate action to resolve any issues we find.’’ (
6 Customers
6.1 It is important, if not the most important factor for a business that their customers are satisfied. Businesses need to look at the needs and wants of their customers and adjust their products to this.
6.1.1 Apple clearly makes customer satisfaction an important point in their agenda as for the last couple of years they have been scoring very high when it comes to customer satisfaction as shown in image 1 in the appendix.
7 Advertisement
7.1 A business needs to advertise itself to get the attention of their target market and to make them aware of what they are offering.
7.1.1 Apple Inc. advertises itself in a lot ways, for example: in magazines, in adverts on television and on the internet. Because Apple Inc. is selling their products all around the world they have to advertise differently in every country so that the target group in that specific country will get attracted by it. In image 4 in the appendix there are some examples of Apple Inc. advertising.
8 International barriers
8.1 Since Apple Inc. is selling their products all around the world, they are dealing with international barriers. Not only the barriers between the different locations of the company but also between their target groups. Some international barriers could be: language, religion, time zone and different governments (so different laws as well).
9 Cost of production
9.1 The cost of production are the costs a business has to make in order to produce their products.
9.1.1 Of course as Apple Inc. makes a lot of different products the cost of production differentiates. An article on talks about the costs of production for the iPhone 6: ''Apple's $649 iPhone reportedly costs $200 to make.'' (, 2014)
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