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Is Mal Correct?


This is an analysis of the movie Inception for my philosophy class
Mariana Legaspi
Mind Map by Mariana Legaspi, updated more than 1 year ago
Mariana Legaspi
Created by Mariana Legaspi over 6 years ago

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Is Mal Correct?
  1. Yes
    1. Cobb never leaves the "Limbo"
      1. Comes back for Saito
        1. Is not sure if that is really a dream
        2. He doesn't know when he is awake
          1. He doesn't understand why he is still in he's dream
        3. The "totem" never stops spinning
          1. When it stops means you're in the Real world
            1. It means the idea that nothing is real
              1. He always stops the totem
                1. No one shows the totem
                  1. No one can know for sure what is the reality
                    1. No one else's subconscious affects
                      1. Everything is in Cobb's head
                2. The totem is still in the limbo
            2. You can't know if you died in a dream or real life
              1. He can be in a subconscious forever without knowing
                1. You don't control the limbo
                  1. It can feel like your dream even though is not
                    1. Everything is just a representation of a past life
                      1. The memories trigger the dream
                        1. A construction just need details, cobb creates everything
                          1. The subconscious might not be "yours"
                  2. He would stay with her
                    1. He aged and died in other dreams
                      1. Cobb is jus going back
                        1. His circulating a never ending circle
                          1. He realices this when his kids show up
                            1. They never stop appearing
                              1. The people in his dreams are aware of his subconcious
                  3. No
                    1. Cobb is not in control of what happens in the Real World
                      1. He can't avoid to be a criminal
                        1. He can't control the police as in the dreams
                          1. There are consequences
                          2. He can't enter the US
                          3. The buildings and physics are predetermined and can't be modified
                          4. He controls when he wakes up
                            1. He trained himself to always wake up
                              1. His team wakes him when they need to
                                1. They all understand when is time to "go back"
                                  1. Mal always stays in his dreams
                                2. He understands the consequences of not waking up
                                  1. Everyone hears the music
                                    1. You can control in dreams the music for waking up
                              2. The memories
                                1. The Real World is where he gathered his memories
                                  1. That is used in his dreams
                                    1. You can't have a subconscious if you're not conscious
                                2. Mal
                                  1. She's only there in dreams
                                    1. She knows what he's thinking
                                      1. When he knows something about the maze so does she
                                        1. She is His creation
                                          1. In the real world she's dead
                                            1. That's why he's in trouble
                                              1. "choose me" as a way of saying choose to be in a "fake" reality
                                              2. She was once real but in the reality she died
                                                1. If she would've died in the dream she would only be in her limbo
                                                  1. Not in the other dreams
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