Real Time OS

Peter Lang
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A-Levels Computer Science (Operating Systems) Mind Map on Real Time OS, created by Peter Lang on 11/19/2013.

Peter Lang
Created by Peter Lang almost 6 years ago
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Real Time OS
1 RT processing is quick enough to affect the next input or process, in real time, hence it's name
2 Video Games
2.1 When shot in a videogame the data is handeled in RT and thus the player dies instantly
2.1.1 If RT did not occur then it would delay & lag and people would not die instantly when shot, it could occur several secons after in which they could shoot you back
3 Ordering System - Catelogs
3.1 Every time an order is placed, RT OS would instantly decrease that product's stock level by one
3.1.1 Otherwise several people could purchase the "last" item
4 Booking Systems
4.1 Airline
4.2 Theatre
4.3 Concert
4.4 When seats are booked they become "Unavailable" instantly
4.4.1 thus preventing double bookings
4.5 Resturante
5 High Redundancy Rate
5.1 RT requires the system to be ready to perform RT tasks at any given time
5.1.1 Theoretically waisting the processors potential However if it used it's slack time to perform other tasks then it could interer with the RT, delaying it and making it inaccurate

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