"The Masque of the Red Death" - Rhiannon

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"The Masque of the Red Death" - Rhiannon
1 Characters
1.1 Death- The plaque trying to kill the villagers
1.2 Prince Prospero- Person who is very afraid of death, and moved people into his castle
1.3 1000 people in the castle
2 Setting
2.1 Seven distinctly colored rooms
2.2 Prince Prospero's castle
2.3 Around 1665
3 Conflict/Solution
3.1 "Solution":he lock themselves up in the castle, as a way to keep the disease out. I wouldn't really say it's a solution, because it gets them anyway. It always does.
3.2 Problem: The disease is trying to kill them all and they need a way to protect themselves
3.3 Main: Plaque/Death vs Villagers
4 Purple: Royalty
4.1 Rooms:
4.2 Blue: Birth
5 Violet: Knowledge
5.1 Black: Death
5.2 White: Purity
5.3 Green: Growth/Life
6 Theme: No one can escape death
7 -9/ 55 = 46/55
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