marcador labial

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marcador labial
1 how will it work ?
1.1 is uncovered and are applied in the lips
1.2 it contemplate through the heat and the hot
1.3 it will be used in two ways and a labial side of the lead side
2 what will it do ?
2.1 will serve for the people than suffer from the dryness in their lips
2.2 will serve for a fixation with a long duration and wetting
2.3 wiill serve for all he public from low means economical
3 characteristies
3.1 economic
3.1.1 practical easy to use
4 material
4.1 marker
4.1.1 chnese ink
4.2 labial
4.2.1 cocoa ail tropical flavor
4.3 plastic
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