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  1. How will Future Professionals land a job in Investment Management?
        1. “The market, the companies, and the language may be different. But the essence of investment is exactly the same. You look at how they grow and whether they have the potential to grow in the future,”
        2. Mike Mayo, CFA
          1. “Take whatever job that you can to get the experi- ence you need and become an expert through hard work and learning, and don’t underes- timate the power of networking: network by keeping track of not only who you meet but their experience and advice to you.”
          1. Josh Wu, CFA
            1. “Monetization is one of my key priorities for the long term because the money coming in is not for free.”
            2. Sunil Singhania, CFA
              1. “The CFA Program enables the financial guys here to upgrade toward a global qual- ification, which improves their employment opportunities,”
              2. Badrulhisyam Fauzi, CFA
                1. "Don’t just do what’s asked of you; instead, push yourself to do your best in every task."
                1. Sammy Yip, CFA
                  1. “As you continue to equip and prepare yourself, when the moment arrives, it will be natural for you to seize it,”
                  2. Garth Bregman, CFA
                    1. “By developing a knowledge and understanding of all asset classes, you can engage with clients on a broader range of topics and confidently manage multi-asset-class portfolios.”
                  3. ABILITY TO REASON
                    1. Lisa Lewin, CFA
                      1. “Try to expose yourself to different areas of the business so that you can decide what interests you most and what you’re good at.”
                    2. OUT-OF-THE-BOX THINKING
                      1. Idris Alimi-Omidiora, CFA
                        1. “It’s never too early to be a leader; you become a leader by making other people better. If your team is successful, you will be successful,”
                          1. “Your career path might not be as you plan it, so be open and take advantage of opportunities and projects that stretch you and open doors.”
                        2. HIGH INTEREST IN FINANCIAL MARKETS
                          1. Clifford Chi-wai Lau, CFA
                            1. “Do not join the industry if you simply think the mone- tary prospect would be better,”
                          2. HUMILITY
                            1. Nalin Moniz, CFA
                              1. “I think if you want the responsibility of managing people’s hard-earned money, it’s important to take a long-term view of your career as you do with client portfolios. A sec- ond piece of advice is to focus on health along with wealth because keeping yourself men- tally and physically fit for what is effectively a marathon is paramount to being long-term successful.”
                              2. Mari Toni Bautista, CFA
                                1. “Brave means being open to learning and to experiencing losses, Traders can make huge incomes. However, you should acknowledge that one day you may be up and on the next day you may be down. Without humility, these losses can pull you down, and you may not be able to come back from that. Each mistake should be perceived as a character-building experience.”
                              3. PROFILES
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