“In knowledge there is always a trade-off between accuracy and simplicity.” Evaluate this statement

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By: Esteban Ornass

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“In knowledge there is always a trade-off between accuracy and simplicity.” Evaluate this statement
1 Thesis
1.1 To really know about a subject, you must acquire knowledge in depth
1.2 Simplicity in terms of knowledge means knowing little. Ergo, simplicity equals mediocrity
1.3 There Is however, a relationship between simplicity and accuracy. When transmitting information, you must be as simple as you can to transmit the most ammount of info possible
2 Possible Counter Arguments
2.1 Sometimes knowing the essence of a subject, you are equally understanding the whole subject. And therefore, in this case, being accurate means to be concise
2.2 There is a great correlation between Accuracy and simplicity. Being accurate means to be precise. To be specific. To do that, you need to keep your ideas quite simple...
3 History
3.1 To be accurate about History, you must learn in depth the details. And in this case there is no correlation between accuracy and simplicity
3.2 Example: to know about the second world war, I must know first about Hitler´s story, the German Historic context (Versailles treaty for example) and the possible reasons for a war to storm Europe as it did
3.3 Ways of knowing:Language, Memory
4 Natural siences
4.1 You must know full procedures and reasoning to understand certain laws. Or even to understand man- made conclusions. No simplicity is allowed
4.2 Ways of knowing: Reason, Memory, Language, Intuition
4.3 Example: You must know and understand in depth the scientific method to be able to use it
5 To what extent there is a correlation between accuracy and simplicity linked to knowledge?
5.1 Can simplicity and accuracy be combined when acquiring knowledge?
5.2 I what extent is acquiring knowledge something that has to be done with simplicity or accuracy?
6 Reasons that I´m Interested in the Title
6.1 I consider it relevant to two Areas of Knowledge that I am particularly interested about
6.1.1 It is quite easy to discuss wether if accuracy is linked to simplicity or not Accuracy and Simplicity can be confused very easily. And I would like to attempt to differenciate them
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