Impact of businesses in a democratic & capitalist society upon...

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Impacts of business

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Impact of businesses in a democratic & capitalist society upon...
1 The Environment
1.1 Negative impact
1.1.1 Rush Hour Emissions Hybrids Cost extra $10000 Oil
1.1.2 Lack of regulation Toxic Waste Less safety Property regulation National Parks
1.1.3 Building materials Do not degrade Strong structures
1.1.4 Lights Light Pollution Competitative Prices Electricity
1.1.5 Heating and Cooling Big Buildings A lot of waste
1.2.1 Online Transactions - cutting solid waste
1.2.2 Addiitive manufacturing
1.2.3 Less gases used
1.2.4 Increase in greener community effort Publicity
1.2.5 Compost and recycling
1.2.6 Automated sorting
2 Technology
2.2 Online Merchants
2.2.1 Amazon
2.2.2 Etsy
2.2.3 eBay
2.3 Hybrids
2.4.1 Newer more efficient technology being developed
2.4.2 Cheaper - in terms of operating different mediums
2.4.3 More room for expansion of small businesses
2.4.4 Creates more porductive business Less time spent on administrative tasks
2.5.1 SPAM is viewed negatively
2.5.2 More competition being so widespread Links to positve - more competition more desire for quality options If successful, strong economic presence - globally, and community wide
2.5.3 Expensive to maintain Upgrades in workstations Upgrades in software
2.5.4 Internet meetings are less personal
2.5.5 Monitoring software - sends message of untrusting people
3.1.1 Accounting Increaing productivity
3.1.2 GDP benefits from productivity
3.1.3 Many channels of distribution Opportunity to make money
3.1.4 Free Market
3.1.5 Wealth disparity in society Fewer people to make mistakes NEGATIVES Highly Competitive Greater affect on economy if mistakes are made Possiblity of Recession Large scale recession Value of dollar goes down adverse effect on economy within and external partners
3.1.6 Higher international trade Access to similiar products worldwide
4 Sustainability of Society
4.1 Dependency
4.1.1 Materialistic Cars Jewelry
4.1.2 Resources Oil Electricty
4.2 Government
4.2.1 Small Population Holds most of the wealth
4.2.2 The rich will keep getting richer
5 The Psyche
5.1 Meritocracy
5.1.1 9.8people of 100,000 commit suicide
5.1.2 People are responsible for themselves
5.2 No limit to Materialistic Needs
5.3 People work hard for their own career successes
6 Abhinav & Vardan
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