The Independent Press Standards organisation (IPSO)

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GCSE Betec creative digital media Mind Map on The Independent Press Standards organisation (IPSO), created by esther adasonla on 10/15/2015.

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The Independent Press Standards organisation (IPSO)
1 Is the new independent regulator for the newspaper and magazine industry in the UK.
1.1 Is charged with enforcing code of practice which was framed by the newspaper and periodical industry.
1.1.1 Handles complaints about breaches of the editors code of practice. Upholds the highest standards of journalism by monitoring and maintaining the standards set out in the editors code of practice. Journalists that feel they are being pressured to act in a way that is against the editors code can call and speak to ISPO staff or chief executive Matt Tee in confidence Offers Practical advice and support Act pre-publication to ensure that relevant newspapers or magazines are alerted to your concerns. ISPO staff members are available to assist and advise members of the public, complaints, editors and journalists about any aspect of it's work.
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