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Perfect Citizen Concept Map


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Jorge Lanza
Mind Map by Jorge Lanza, updated more than 1 year ago
Jorge Lanza
Created by Jorge Lanza over 6 years ago

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Perfect Citizen Concept Map
  1. Utopian Society
    1. In my own utopian society, the perfect citizen is peaceful, progressive and follow the moral and values of its society, which are based on the 6 pillars of character: caring, respect, responsability, citizenship, trustworthiness, fairness.
    2. 1984
      1. According to George Orwell, the perfect citizen is one who rebels against it´s own government. A citizen that thinks for itself regardless of the government´s laws
      2. Thoreau
        1. Thoreau describes how a perfect citizen is one that is selfless but selfish as well. One who is emotionally strong and independent with an unbreakable will, morals and values.
        2. If- Kipling
          1. Kipling´s viewpont of a perfect citizen is one that is a true man and his concept for man is beyond explanation. Basically, everything that makes a person outstanding: determination, ambition, strenght, worthy, empathic, humble, make a perfect citizen. I would agree only with Kipling´s style beacause IF there is a perfect government, THEN there could be a perfect citizen
          2. Civil Disobedience - Auden
            1. Auden´s mindset of a perfect citizen is the one that relates to my view of it the closest. I believe there is No Perfect Citizen and Auden describes it briefly as an "unknown citizen". It doesn´t really talks about a specific being, it´s closer related to a collective view of an certain ideology. The "unknown citizen" can be any common citizen or it can be non-existant.
            2. Political Correctness
              1. What defines what is political correct? The government may dictate what is political correct or not, but our values, morals, and emotions can influence in our actions towards a situation where a person commits something that, according to that person´s government, is political correct. Based on this ideology, it is possible to have a perfect citizen if the government that dictates political correctness is perfect by definition.
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