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Should MPs be exempt from monitoring?


A basic mindmap exploring the basic ideas of government surveillance of all
Harry Chapman4160
Mind Map by Harry Chapman4160, updated more than 1 year ago
Harry Chapman4160
Created by Harry Chapman4160 over 6 years ago

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Should MPs be exempt from monitoring?
  1. Whistleblowers
    1. Whistleblowers should have somewhere safe to go with reports
      1. Should there be an independant Board to deal with Whistleblowers?
        1. What would happen to whistleblowers from the indepedant board?
          1. Should the independant board be exempt from survellance?
        2. Constituents V Representative
          1. Should your Representative have more rights then you?
            1. Should MPs be able to hide from their Consituents?
            2. Government Survellance
              1. Is everyone over monitored?
                1. more-surveillance-please-were-british/
                2. "survellance shouldn't be an issue if you've got nothing to hid."
                  1. Should Mi5 or Mi6 be exempt as well?
                    1. If so, to what extent?
                      1. If not, to what extent?
                    2. MPs and side deals
                      1. Would this encourage dodgy dealing?
                        1. MPs on boards of companies going for government contracts
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