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Curriculum and instruction Science for Non-majors

Resource summary

  1. Grade 5
    1. GLOs
      1. 5-8
        1. Observe, describe and interpret weather phenomena; and relate weather to the heating and cooling of Earth’s surface.
        2. 5-9
          1. Investigate relationships between weather phenomena and human activity.
        3. Attitudes
          1. 5-4
            1. Demonstrate positive attitudes for the study of science and for the application of science in responsible ways.
          2. Skills
            1. 5-1
              1. Design and carry out an investigation, using procedures that provide a fair test of the question being investigated.
              2. 5-3
                1. Design and carry out an investigation of a practical problem, and develop a possible solution.
            2. Grade 4
              1. 4-5
                1. Recognize that human activity can lead to the production of wastes, and identify alternatives for the responsible use and disposal of materials.
                2. 4-9
                  1. Identify sources of light, describe the interaction of light with different materials, and infer the pathway of a light beam.
                3. Grade 6
                  1. 6.5
                    1. Describe properties of air and the interactions of air with objects in flight.
                    2. 6.7
                      1. Observe, describe and interpret the movement of objects in the sky; and identify pattern and order in these movements.
                    3. OTHER SUBJECTS
                      1. MATH
                        1. Volume
                          1. Estimation
                            1. Weight
                            2. ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS
                              1. Reading Comprehension
                                1. Vocabulary
                                2. SOCIAL STUDIES
                                  1. 5.1
                                    1. Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how the physical geography and natural resources of Canada affect the quality of life of all Canadians.
                                    2. 5.3
                                      1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the events and factors that have changed the ways of life in Canada over time and appreciate the impact of these changes on citizenship and identity.
                                  2. WORLD
                                    1. ACID RAIN
                                      1. HURRICANE MODIFICATION
                                        1. AIRCRAFTES IN THE CLOUD (TURBULENCE)
                                          1. SPACE CLOUDS
                                            1. RAINBOW CLOUDS PREDICT EARTHQUAKES
                                              1. MUSHROOM CLOUDS (WACO EXPLOSION) & NUCLEAR
                                                1. HUMAN POLUTION- CLIMATE CHANGE
                                                  1. GLOBAL WARMING/ SUNLIGHT
                                                    1. WHY DO THEY FLOAT?
                                                      1. Consequences of weather in our area
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