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Why Teach Art?


why teach art in primary school essay plan
Izzy Young
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Izzy Young
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Why Teach Art?
  1. Key Questions
    1. what effective does teaching art have on a class?
      1. open uni- art is culcutral, history of statues, art history
      2. why is the teaching of art getting less and less
        1. what are the goverment doing to encorage art?
          1. look at Ebac, need art included?
            1. open uni: "art is the icing on the cake" " art is a leisure subject"
              1. goverment views on art influecne parents and students views
              2. bob smith is running for parliament to get more art in schol
            2. how does art support learning?
              1. open uni- intrinsic and extrinsic skills are gained
                1. doing and making encorages life long learning- barrat
            3. National curriculum links
              1. Art is still part of the NC and needs to be taught in primary schools
                1. linking other subjects to art in the NC
                  1. maths-symetry- painting butterflies and folding them
                    1. history- different styles of painting over time
                      1. portraits- shiloets- different materials
                      2. geography- painting around the world
                        1. different styles, ie tribal, the luove*- animal art
                        2. english, creating poems from stories, poems ect
                          1. science, creating space art
                            1. range of materials
                              1. oil and water- why does it react like that?
                          2. activities and pedagogy
                            1. TOP
                              1. schools linked with gallaries
                                1. historic links
                                  1. geography- where is the picture from?
                                    1. group work- joining children,classes and schools
                                  2. ordering carrers in order of significants, dicuss the impant and importance of artist, ie logos, stattues, road signs- Open uni
                                    1. William morris gallery- video to inspire children.
                                      1. UK qualification and curriculum authroity 2001- units of study for art- range of skills and questions to help teachings/students
                                        1. all schemes should be adapted to fit teachers/class
                                        2. 4 areas of activity- rob barnes
                                          1. seen heard felt
                                            1. memory/immagniation
                                              1. materials
                                                1. technique
                                                2. young navigators programme- training students as tour guides
                                                  1. involves local community
                                                    1. children grew in confidence and developed forward thinking as well as pride in their local area
                                                  2. reading and refrences
                                                    1. TED talk, schools ruining creativity
                                                      1. how can we stop this? overcome this?
                                                      2. Ofsted- making a mark:art, creaft and design education
                                                        1. encoraging art in schools with helpful teaching and reasources
                                                        2. why teach art-open university, open learn
                                                          1. everything around us is art, logos,sings ect, all "reflect human creativity "
                                                            1. values gained from studying art
                                                              1. creativity,imagination,self expression,spatial awarness,hand eye coorditnation
                                                                1. dispositions of leanring- creativity, self motivation, indapendnce- Da Ros-Voseles & Fowler-Haughey, 2007
                                                                2. develop powers of description and analysis
                                                                  1. interlectual awarness, planning and exacuting, develop and support arguments and view points
                                                              2. why teach art and desing-tim jones
                                                                1. art can take place in many places- life long learning
                                                                  1. eflands- make art teaching more creative and less clishe
                                                                    1. reads- developing teaching so teachers can define their own cirriculum
                                                                      1. barrat- art is student centred learning, doing and makeing is just as effective as research.brings teachers and learners togethers creatilty, life long learning oppurtunites
                                                                        1. the power of art encorages learning
                                                                          1. get coomunities involved, and countires, sharing art to insprie pupils in teh classroom
                                                                          2. the art are under threat- the garudain
                                                                            1. art is a human right
                                                                              1. we are giving children the message that individual vision is worth nothing
                                                                                1. art should be for all- William morris
                                                                                  1. william morris gallery, every school should be an art school
                                                                                2. teaching art to young children 4-9- Rob Barnes
                                                                                  1. develops visual sensitivity
                                                                                    1. awarness of the world -international
                                                                                      1. art demands inteligents, art IS hard work- Dewesy 1934
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