the main elements and processes involved in lesson planning. (Ximena Millán Alanís)

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the main elements and processes involved in lesson planning. (Ximena Millán Alanís)
  1. 5 E
    1. Engange
      1. Explore
        1. Explain
          1. Elaborate
            1. Evaluate
            2. Flexible grouping
              1. Grouping or regrouping of students with multiple and diverse characteristics and skills
                1. Flexible gouping
                  1. it facilitates the work of teachers and improve student productivity
                    1. Stategies
                      1. Whole- Class instruction
                        1. Teacher LED- Groups
                          1. Small- Class instruction
                            1. Students working alone in - Teacher directed activities
                              1. Collaboratives groups
                                1. Performance based group
                                  1. Student Dyads
                                2. According to
                                  1. Specific goals
                                    1. Activities
                                      1. Individual Needs
                                  2. Setting time to lesson activities
                                    1. Having extra activities or workbook
                                    2. Avoid the 5 Common mistakes in writing Lesson plans
                                      1. Lern to plan
                                        1. Preliminary information
                                          1. Set the objective
                                            1. Set the means
                                              1. attend
                                                1. Input
                                                  1. Refers to
                                                    1. physical materials
                                                      1. Resources
                                                        1. Information
                                                          1. Required by the
                                                            1. Process
                                                      2. Process
                                                        1. Output
                                                          1. obtained learning
                                                    2. Categories y cognitive domain(Bloom taxonomy)
                                                      1. Knowledge
                                                        1. Comprehension
                                                          1. Aplplication
                                                            1. Analysis
                                                              1. Synthesis
                                                                1. Evaluation
                                                                2. Competency based approach Pedagogical implications:
                                                                  1. viable and sustainable school's acquisitions
                                                                    1. developing the thinking process of learning
                                                                      1. Learning context in learner needs relation
                                                                        1. disciplinary barriers
                                                                          1. Personalized Pedagogy
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