Cell biology

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Cell biology
1 Cell Ultrastructure
1.1 Rough endoplasmic reticulum
1.1.1 involved in transporting newly made proteins in the cell
1.2 ribosome
1.2.1 site of protein synthesis
1.3 Golgi apparatus
1.3.1 involved with processing and packaging newly formed proteins before secretion from the cell.
1.4 lysosome
1.4.1 contains digestive enzymes for breakdown of worn-out organelles and invading microbes
2 Unicellular organisms
2.1 Euglena
2.1.1 photosensor to detect light
2.1.2 chloroplasts to trap light energy for photosynthesis
2.1.3 flagellum for movement towards light
2.2 Paramecium
2.2.1 cilia for movement towards food
2.2.2 contractile vacuole removes access water from cell. Preventing it from bursting.
3 Multicellular organisms
3.1 Within all multicellualar organisms there are different types of specialised cells arranged into tissues.
3.1.1 Specialised cells motor neurone Long axon and many connections to other nerve cells helps it transmit nerve impulses. goblet cell Cup-shaped cell with extensive Golgi apparatus helps it produce mucus that traps dirt and germs in the respiratory tract.
3.1.2 A tissue is a group of cells that performs a particular function. "Division of labour" is the phrase used to describe the organisation of cells within a multicellular organism into tissues performing different functions.
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