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vocabulary "the bird"


Luis Castro
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Luis Castro
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vocabulary "the bird"
  1. desolate
    1. be lonely depresses a human being
    2. utopia
      1. utopia makes humans advance
      2. sacrifices
        1. the sacrifices were for the gods
        2. preside
          1. preside over a company to make money
          2. stadia
            1. greek stadia were used for fights
            2. penetrated
              1. wall to been penetrated
              2. deputies
                1. the deputies is representing the company
                2. scepter
                  1. every King has a scepter
                  2. damsel
                    1. most of the fables has a damsel in distress
                    2. ambassadors
                      1. ambassadors are for a person to know another country
                      2. dethrone
                        1. this dethroned former champion boxer
                        2. procrastinates
                          1. the rich procrastinates to the poor
                          2. legitimate
                            1. there that always be legitimate
                            2. bounty
                              1. the bounty will take you to track
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