An A* student......

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Mindmap of A* skills

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An A* student......
  1. ...can....
    1. be critical
      1. apply technical language
        1. bring ideas
          1. use a range of evidence and examples effecively
            1. analyse errors
              1. show a detailed understanding of ALL concepts in the course
                1. explain unfamiliar concepts using prior knowledge
                  1. interpret data and draw conslusions
                    1. apply concepts of the course to different situations
                      1. relate concepts to areas outside of the A-Level course
                        1. make links between multiple areas of the course
                          1. solve problems in unfamiliar concepts
                            1. give convincing arguments and develop counter arguments
                              1. take the lead on discussions
                              2. ...writes...
                                1. analytically
                                  1. with perfect SPaG
                                    1. using referencing systems accurately, if appropriate
                                    2. ...independently
                                      1. seeks out examples to support arguments
                                        1. reads current affairs and links to the A-Level course
                                          1. takes responsbility
                                            1. seeks clarification
                                              1. does wider reading to extend their own knowledge
                                              2. ....knows...
                                                1. success criteria
                                                  1. how to act upon feedback and improve work
                                                    1. definitions for all subject specific terminology
                                                      1. their own strengths and how to use them
                                                        1. their areas for development and how to improve them
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