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Microwaves Andrea Galan


Microwave notes
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Microwaves Andrea Galan
  1. Microwave Cooking
    1. Advantages of microwave cooking
      1. Defrosts meat
        1. Turn the food
          1. allows larger items to stand for completely defrosting
            1. separate the pieces
              1. use immediately
              2. Eliminates extra oils & fats in preparing foods
                1. Freshens snacks & chips
                  1. warms up left overs.
                    1. faster
                      1. retains nutrients
                        1. tastes better
                      2. Acceptable dishes
                        1. plastic
                          1. paper
                            1. Microwaveable dishes
                              1. glass
                              2. Unacceptable dishes
                                1. Metals
                                  1. Dishes with gold or silver on it
                                2. Microwaves Notes
                                  1. Heat is inside the food, so food does not stop cooking when you turn off the oven
                                    1. The more food you are cooking, the less energy there is for each item to absorb
                                      1. Microwaves cannot go through metals, but can go through glass, ceramic, plastic, or paper.
                                        1. How this microwave works
                                          1. Microwaves cause molecules in food to vibrate.
                                            1. An electronic vacumm tube called a magnetron
                                              1. microwaves bounce off the sides of the oven.
                                                1. Travel through a wave guide, Then a stirrer cause microwaves.
                                                2. Steam can build up inside confined areas & cause the food to explode.
                                                  1. Food cook quickly, & most do not have time to brown.
                                                    1. Microwaves have been around since 1945
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