What is Suspense?

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What is Suspense?
  1. Tense feeling
    1. Something which could be a massive thing, however, again keeping them on their seats, making them how unsettled they were
    2. Adrenaline rush
      1. Something which excites the audience and makes them really excited to carry on watching and getting them to keep watching and would like theme
      2. Unsettled feelings
        1. People like to know what's going on. Taking away that safety unsettles them massively, and makes them be on edge, connecting to the adrealine rush getting massive.
        2. Scare the audience
          1. Not in the same way as horror movies do however
            1. Instead of scaring us through fear in the way a disturbing looking monster does, scares us through the fear of the unknown,
            2. Scaring through unsettling rather than more than just other, so no many monsters, Rather just relying on the jump scares and unsettling things
              1. Not really scaring the audience, unless it is used to help horror movies, as normally it is used to just drive up fear not really pay it off
              2. Suspense has now been given a genre devoted to it- Thriller
                1. Movies that just get tenser as they go on
                  1. Alfred Hitchcock particularly good at this, with the famous scenes from North by Northwest with the cropduster scene being especially a notable example
                    1. Obviously paying off eventually, otherwise it would just lose the creep factor that gains from being what it is normally does have, however, still incredibly creepy
                    2. One of the most popular genres right now, being one of the biggest genre except from action, such as Gone Girl, and also Lucy being very notable examples, showing how the mass audiences likes them
                      1. Popular Thrillers- Reservoir Dogs, Fargo, Anything by Alfred Hitchcock. Coen Brothers being a notable other director, also Tarantino being a notable director also being very good at adding suspense
                      2. Directors use this to make the audience feel scared, and ramp up for a jump scare, and keep them on their seats
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