C1 Making crude oil useful

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C1 Making crude oil useful
1 Fossil fuels
1.1 Fossil fuels are finite resources because they are no longer being made
1.2 Fossil fuels are being used up faster than they are being formed they are called a non-renewable resource
2 Fractional distillation
2.1 Crude oil is a mixture of many types of oil which are all hydrocarbons. A hydrocarbon is made up of molecules containing carbon and hydrogen only
2.2 Crude oil is heated at the bottom of a fractionating column.
2.3 Oil that doesn't burn sinks as a thick liquid to the bottom. this is Bitumen.
2.4 Other fractions containing mixtures of hydrocarbons with similar boiling points boil and their gases rise up the column. The column is cooler at the top
3 Problems in extracting crude oil
3.1 Transporting oil can cause problems. oil slicks can damage birds feathers and cause their deaths
3.2 Their may be political problems related to the extraction of crude oil.
4 Cracking
4.1 Cracking is a process that turns large alkane molecules into smaller alkane and alkene molecules.
4.2 An alkene molecule has a double bond which makes it useful for making polymers
4.3 Its also helps oil manufactures match supply with demand for products like petrol
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