Quadratic Eq. & Ex.

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Quadratic Eq. & Ex.
  1. Equation: ax^2+bx+c =y
    1. Expression= ax^2+bx+c
      1. Function=f(x)=ax^2+bx+c
        1. Finding roots or range of Equation/Expression
          1. Completing Square
            1. divide the coefficient of x by 2
              1. square the whole thing eg. (2/2)=1 so, (x+1)^2
                1. subtract the number you gt and put in c from the original equation
                2. Cross-Multiplication
                  1. Factorization
                  2. General Formulae
                  3. x>0= 2 distinct roots. so, curve touches two points on x-axis
                    1. x=0, equal roots. so, curve touches only one point on the x-axis
                      1. x<0, no real roots. so, curve will not touch the x-axis
                          1. Quadratic Inequalities
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