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validity: testing the test


McNamara (2000)
Joanna Méndez
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Joanna Méndez
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validity: testing the test
  1. Teacher
    1. Learning process
      1. Grade
        1. Student
          1. Test
            1. Testing evidence (Test)
              1. stage 1
                1. Test to reach a performance conclusion
                  1. For administration settings
                    1. No validation procedures
                      1. Potencial unfairness and injustice
                2. stage 2
                  1. Was it fair? sufficient?
                    1. Beyond administration settings
                      1. Test Vaiidation
                        1. Ensure fairness and justice
                          1. Guarantees Face Validity
                            1. Surface acceptability
                            2. Retrospective
                              1. Predictive (ideally)
                                1. Test content
                                  1. Reflect on the original test purpose
                                  2. Test method
                                    1. To what extent the method is properly part of...
                                      1. Test construct
                                        1. The underlying ability being captured by the test
                                    2. Consecuential Validity
                                      1. Consequences, changes.
                                        1. Impact on assessment procedures, teaching and society.
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