My training plan Karen Hernández

Karen Hernández
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Karen Hernández
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This map shows courses, they can help me to improve my soft and core skills in Business Admistration

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My training plan Karen Hernández
  1. Core Skills
    1. Work smarter, not harder: Time Management for Personal and Professional Productivity
      1. I will be able in determine the appropriate allocation of time using tools, methods and techniques in goal setting, prioritization, scheduling, and delegation.
        1. Coursera
      2. Communication at work in the 21st Century
        1. The course focuses in the communication, verbal and nonverbal of the 21st century, nowadays we have to improve our employability and advancement in today’s dynamic workforce
          1. Coursera
        2. Strategic Business Analytics
          1. The data bases are very important for the companies, this course will present different data analytics tools to be applied to different types of issues, with thee purpose to be able to approach a business issue using Analytics by, qualifying the issue, conducting relevant data analyses and presenting conclusions.
            1. Coursera
          2. Problem solving and effective decision making
            1. In this course, I can discuss a wide variety of applications of business in all the areas of a company, also I should develop four set skills: Analytics, IT, Business and Communication.
              1. Coursera
            2. How to solve problems and make decisions effectively
              1. In the end of the course I will be able to evaluate suitably problems, how to choose the best alternatives and prevent risks.
            3. Soft Skills
              1. Women in leadership: encouraging positive change (Confidence)
                1. The course will help me increase my self about my own values and vision, as well as improving my leadership skills, management and collaborative teamwork.
                2. Think again: how to reason and argue
                  1. To avoid common and frequent mistakes when reasoning is important for me and this course could help me to develop strategies about this
                  2. Management and Leadership
                    1. In this course I could practice the language and styles of cummunication of: making telephone conferences, writing professional emails, etc.
                    2. Inspiring leadership through emotional intelligence
                      1. Emotional intelligence is important for the companies because the employee have more rationality intead of be emotional. To manage my emotions brings better results in being effective in my decisions and this course talk about how manage yout emotional intelligence
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