Generation X (1960-1979)

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Generation X (1960-1979)
  1. What has shaped Generation X?
    1. The Cold War (1940s-1990s)
      1. Gave entire populations a sense of paranoia
        1. Due to the fact that this generation grew up in a sense of paranoia, they tended to have a lack of trust in leadership
          1. Do not like the government; resulting in the lowest voting participation between the different generations
      2. The "Lost Generation"
        1. First Generation to be exposed to Daycare and Mothers in the workplace
          1. Parents were often gone all day, and expected children, or oldest child, to look after the rest of the kids
            1. Expected to take care of themselves, creating a "latchkey" environment
          2. Increase of Divorce rate between their parents
            1. Typically, kids with divorced parents tends to be more self concerned. Some have two parents fighting to be the best, others have parents trying to make up for the broken household, resulting in the child becoming (in certain circumstances) self absorbed
              1. The "What's in it for me?" generation
        2. Challenges
          1. The first generation to be introduced to technology
            1. Generally thought as lazy, and did not have a lot of acceptance from the previous generations (watching TV, listening to music)
            2. One of the first generation (for a lack of better terms) to do their own thing, due to their freedom and advancing options of expression
              1. Highly criticized by other generations, and people within their generation (due to the fact that everyone was now extremely open, people now could openly argue about personal topics that were being shared)
            3. How has Generation X changed the world?
              1. First Generation to question "Whats in it for me?"
                1. They are more concerned about what is the best option for them
                  1. Increase and acceptance of birth control, allowing future generations the option
                2. Generation X tends to think more critical about how what they do will effect their families.
                  1. They tend to try and avoid having their children growing up in a broken home, and have a higher level of caution then their parents did. This ultimately is changing their kids (the next generation), on life, therefore changing the world.
                  2. They had the ability to express themselves, therefore, creating an enviroment for future generations to express themselves as well
                    1. Examples: teenagers were sought after to include their opinions (emerging MTV TV show), creation of internet allowed all of the generation to communicate and express their ideas
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