Understanding our place value system

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Importance of the value system in math

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Understanding our place value system
  1. Base Ten
    1. Our present system is described as a Hindu-Arabic numeration system
      1. Unique features of the based-ten system
        1. System uses the numerals 1-10
          1. Base ten is a positional system
    2. Multiple conceptions of place value
      1. 1. Unitary-multidigit
        1. 2. Decade and ones
          1. 3. Sequence tens and ones
            1. 4. Units of tens
              1. 5. Integrated sequence
      2. Children´s Unstructured strategies
        1. The traditional method emphasizes learning to line up digits and computing from right to left often using boxes as a visual aid.
          1. If children use their natural ways to think, they develop confidence and accuracy, while computing with big numbers.
        2. Manipulatives
          1. General kinds of manipulatives
            1. 1. Proportional(nonlinked)
              1. 2. Proportional (linked)
                1. 3. Nonproportional
          2. Estimateing and rounding: when approximate is good enough
            1. One helpful way to illustrate rounding is by the use of separate number lines
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