Understanding our place value System

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Understanding our place value System
  1. The children in miss Johnson´s, playing a digit game. It is an excercise meaningfull for young children, it emphasizes the positional nature of place value. Combines creating a number, speaking a number, writting a number, and as time allows, writting a realistic story using a number
    1. Base-Ten
      1. A Brief story: When commerce and the need for taxes developed, civilizations made marks upt o 10, with special symbol for 10. Our present system is described as a Hindu-Arabic numeration system.
        1. unique features of the base-ten system
          1. Numeral
            1. Base-ten is a positional system
              1. The value of the whole number is the sum of its parts or the valye assigned to each digit.
                1. Algorithms
              2. Multiple conceptions of place value
                1. Five common ways of thinking about the two-digit number.
                  1. NUnitary-multidigit
                    1. Decade and ones
                      1. Sequence tens and ones
                        1. Units of tens
                          1. Integrated sequence
                        2. Children´s unstructed strategies
                          1. The traditional method emphasizes learning to line up digits and computing from right to left often using boxes as visual aid. When allowed to approach the process on their own, children universally begin on the left. and regroup back and fortg until they arrive at an answer.
                          2. Manipulatives
                            1. Proportional: SHow relationships by size.
                              1. Trading games: Count and group.
                                1. Teaching with beansticks or base-ten blocks: proportional materials.
                                  1. To add, to subtract, to add with regrouping, to subtract with regrouping, to multiply, to connect the materials to papper and pencil computation
                                  2. Teaching with the abacus or money: are nonproportional systems. The abacus shows numbers into the billions. Play money helps students see relationships on value.
                                  3. Estimating and rounding: Many uses of numbers are good guesses or estimates
                                    1. Rounding is relation to position.
                                      1. When a number is halfaway or more tha halfaway we round up.
                                      2. Understanding of place value
                                        1. Of the unit ten occurs when a teacher presents a story problem that could lend itself to efficient solving if the student recognizes the role of base ten.
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